Returned to the USA- what’s new….

March 2021

We returned to the USA in 2021 because of the expiration of our Brazilian paperwork.  COVID complicated many things, including the closure of land borders in South America.  The last update featured the story that we had shipped two humans, two dogs and four suitcases out of Brazil and into USA.  You can read about that departure by clicking on this link

We left our slowcarfasthouse stored at a friends farm in Southern Brazil.  This situation meant that we had to arrange a new slowcarfasthouse living arrangement.  We did some on line shopping, purchased a rig and then secured a driver.  Mike’s sister, Terri offered to drive our purchase from Arizona to Florida.  You can meet her here

Big Bertha (slowcarfasthouse V.3.0) was the perfect solution.  She became the rolling apartment we needed to get across the USA to Arizona.

There were a few days of complete chaos as we unpacked, purchased new household supplies and moved into this huge amount of space.

But once we got things all settled, we felt comfortable and ready to roll across the country.

We were so fortunate to have wonderful friends in Florida who offered us rest, parking and space to organize ourselves and store a few things.

The dogs found their spots.

Mike became adept at driving.

We all enjoyed the spaciousness.

Before we left Florida we had to make a stop for a very special meetup. This one has been years in the making……. we met up with Somer of Southbound Seahags.  It was a fleeting moment, but it was so special to hug this woman and share the energy in the same space, that we have been sharing over the interwebs for a few years.

With everyone settled in, it was time to hit the road for our next USA road trip.

Watch for the next post to see where we decided to roam with Big Bertha and the two Latina mutts!

2 thoughts on “Returned to the USA- what’s new….

  1. So glad to see you! Adaptation! I’m inspired by your travels. Just bought a T@B 400 after losing my EVO and husband suddenly. Thoughts of travel persist in change. Here we go, right? Yay Big Bertha!

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