Peru- The national dog!

Yes, it’s true.  They seem to have a National dog here.  It is known as the Peruvian Hairless.  And yes, it is essentially hairless most of the time.  peruvianhairlessdog.JPG

This breed is also known as the Inca Orchid and they may be related to the similar breed in Mexico, Ecuador and the Chinese Crested.  peruvianhairlessdog1.jpg We saw them at nearly every ruin in the North of Peru.  They are often wearing sweaters to protect their sensitive skin from the sun and the cold in this harsh environment. peruvian coast landscape.JPG

In the city, they are never seen wandering like other mutts. They are prized possessions and generally kept indoors, or on a rooftop! peruvian hairless dog1.JPGperuvian hairless dog.JPG peruvian hairless2.JPG

This particular dog is recognized in ancient artifacts as being maintained in the temples and cities.  Here are a few ceramics that we encountered which represent the hairless dog in household items.  peruvian hairless dog potteryperuvian hairless dog pottery upcloseperuvian hairless dog ceramics.jpg

There are a few available for adoption through the local rescue group if you are interested in having your own.  I would even help with sending it to you, direct from Peru.  But as with any new pet, do your research and be sure it fits into your lifestyle and expectations.  Peruvian Hairless have not only unique appearance, but also a unique personality.   How do you feel about this breed? Is this the right dog for you?peruvian hairless dog gaurd.jpg

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  1. Super interesting… I would also not let such a dog out by itself. Love the white tuft.

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