Dash across Utah and back to Arizona


Route across Utah
Into Arizona

When night fell in Utah we climbed out of the desert to the top of a peak on a forest service road. It was a rough road, but we made it! The next day a guy came up on a quad and was shocked that our big ol’ van had come up that hill! utah-wants-to-chat He advised us that there was a MUCH better road out of there and pointed us in the right direction. He was right!  I have marked the camping area on our favorite app; iOverlander It was a beautiful and cool campsite, but if you go looking for it, take the easy road!

Another hot day of driving across Utah took us right across the Arizona border to Kiabab National Forest (near Jacob Lake, Arizona). This is beautiful section of woods that is home to redbarked pine trees, reddish colored deer, the Kiabab squirrel and some record book hunting. It is near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. You may recall that we started our summer here and ended here a year ago too! Here is a link to last years return journey-  Headed to home base about a year ago  We have been there often enough that Seri recognized the scent of the woods and became very excited to sniff around her campsite. jacobs-lake-seri-knows

Two nights at this location was just enough to prepare us for the heat. While we were there it rained and it hailed on us. jacob-lake-hailstorm jacob lake hail and dice.jpg  camped at near North rim of Grand Canyon.JPG  Days were warm and nights were cool.   And we were ready to get to Clarkdale for my sisters birthday celebration! We were starting to really miss friends and family. It would be great to be back and have those relationships to rekindle!

We returned to the old family home in Clarkdale. Some family members came for a visit, so we showed them around the area.

The crowds at Slide Rock State Park in Oak Creek Canyon.


South Rim of Grand Canyon view.jpg
The Grand Canyon, just a few hours away.

South Rim of Grand Canyon.jpg

sedona panorama.JPG
Sedona; a beautiful place to visit and look around!

We attended a VW show in Flagstaff (we won best off road rig) car-show-flagstaff  carshowaward

My Pops last motor, transplanted into a cool ghia!

car-show-lookers and we fell back into our routine. Yoga classes at the college, bingo on Monday nights and busy doing bunches of nothing as well as a little subbing and van work, of course. bingo-on-monday-nights

But we had a wonderful few months back on the road.  We saw amazing things, met terrific people and passed through beautiful locations! summer-2016-route

The universe has told us that we must stay right here until this house sells. So we will settle in and enjoy ourselves for a while. There are bad places to be stuck, but this is not one of them. The weather is mild, the scenery is amazing and we are near friends and family. All is good.   snake-in-the-workshop  If you have not seen the awesome house yet, follow this link and share it with a friend…… help us sell this house so we can leave for South America!  Click here to see the awesome Clarkdale house for sale!


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  1. congrats on winning the contest. Could have sworn I saw your house driving down 260 yesterday. Glad to have you back in the beautiful neighborhood we live in. Good luck with the house.

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