Hiking in the Blue Mountains of Australia

I have two outdated blog posts that I need to get off my mind. This one is about the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia. It was a final activity in our month long trip, and one that left us with great memories!

blue mountains11

With just a day left of our month in Australia, we decided to head into the bush, in the bush (nod to Ozzy). The area we were able to access easily is about two hours from Sydney. And it was fantastic. The Blue Mountains were a great place to visit, and we could have spent many more days exploring them.  Here is a link to the website-



After a simple drive to Katoomba in our trusty ute, and a tough time finding parking we were ready to visit the Conservation Hut.  We started by ordering a delicious breaky and the best chai in all of Oz.

delicious breakky

delicious breaky

It was interesting to note that the free magazine was promoting the upcoming season—- Autumn—- just as we were preparing to pack up and fly back to —- Summer —- in Arizona. But for the past month in Australia, the weather was perfect!

next season, fall

We selected the Nature Track Trail with the time we had to hike on that day. It was a perfect choice. We saw waterfalls, streams and various ecosystems as we changed elevations drastically.


We loved the way the path was designed to traverse the streams. blue  mountains5

blue mountains hike

blue mountains4


And we dreaded the steps as we came upon them with our quivering thighs.

bluemountains steps

But the long distance views out across this World Heritage mountain range were spectacular. And our afternoon was just what we needed after our explorations of roadways, cities and towns of Australia.  bluemountains1

blue mountainshike

The opportunity to explore the sights, sounds, smells and beauty of this World Heritage  location was perfect for us. blue mountains1

blue mountains5


blue mountains2

Goodbye Australia.  Thanks for a beautiful visit and terrific memories!




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