Sydney to Jervis Bay- the scenic route

The van is up and running, but we can’t hit the road just yet. So, with some time to waste, and a passport to fill, we had decided Australia was a great destination. Add in the fact that we know people in the country and the US dollar is strong—how could we resist spending a month in the Aussie summertime.

After arriving in Sydney in a late afternoon and getting a good nights rest to shake of the jet lag, we awoke ready to go!  Packing and hit the road with our new Aussie family was fantastic.

packing with family.JPG
Packing for a trip to Jervis Bay

We left for a drive along the bays and overlooks of the East coast of Australia. The scenery did not disappoint.  Huge gum trees, thick bush and green/blue mountains filled the windows.

The stop at the Nan Tien Buddhist temple was amazing. It was a place of great beauty and opulence. The gardens are immaculate and vast. There are several different buildings with temples, classrooms a gift shop and a museum as well as a teahouse. No photos were allowed in the temples, but each one included information signs which helped us to understand the offerings and symbols.

nan tien temple.jpg
Pagoda at Nan Tien
year of the monkey nan tien.JPG
The gardens were decorated to celebrate the year of the monkey
nan tien.JPG
Temple and tea garden
insects at nan tien.JPG
Even the insects at the temple were large and fancy!

Our first scenic overlook set the tone for the white sand beaches and blue seas to come.


a beautiful overlook.jpg

The home at Jervis Bay was incredible. It was a modern style beach house with decks, patios and lots of glass. What a perfect way to rekindle the relationships and unwind from the travel days. We lazed around the house, played and walked along the beach and enjoyed meals together.

jervis bay house.jpg

relaxing at jervis bay.jpgrope swing jervis bay.jpgjervis bay deck.JPGjervis bay ocean front.JPG

jervis bay sunrise.jpg

As the weekend wrapped up, we prepared to strike out on our own. We would drive down the East coast of Australia (through the states of New South Wales and Victoria) bound for Tasmania. We were either going to ferry or fly over to the island for a visit.

Off we go, with Mike driving on the left side of the road and shifting gears with his left hand. Here comes the adventure.


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  1. The beginning of your trip looks beautiful and your right nice house. what are you driving in?

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