Prince Edward Island

We had some terrific experiences on this tiny island! It started with a ferry ride to PEI (as the locals call it) from Nova Scotia. We arrived and spent the night in another Provincial Park. Then we started the tourist rounds, and found that every thing was very easy and quick.

We made the requisite stop at the COWS ice cream factory. This is like a mini-version of Ben and Jerry’s. But the cow outside is quite large. Large cow large van

We took the historical information tour at Founders Hall. Mike 1960 which offered an excellent presentation on the history of the creation of Canada as a country. The unification of the provinces and the governmental decisions were initially drafted at a meeting in Prince Edward Island. Although it was said that the islanders were not really in favor of “having all those other folks join up with us” and they saw the rest of Canada as their burden! It was quite interesting and we learned a big chunk of information that we can refer to when crossing the Yukon area later.

The next day we found our way to the small village of Rustico and toured the Rustico Farmers Bank and Doucett House Museum. But not before we joined the local townspeople for an Acadian soup, cornbread and birthday cake to celebrate Juan de Baptiste Day! That was fun. Doucett house Juan Baptiste day

The real beauty of PEI was at Prince Edward Island National Park where we stayed at the Cavendish campground. This area is the stomping ground of the famous Anne of Green Gables (or would have been if she was a real person instead of a fictional character). The beaches were unusual and the area offered us a chance to relax a bit and catch a genuine sunset. relaxing at PEI NP Most evenings the sun has set late (9:30ish) and under the cover of clouds so we have not seen it happen. This one was beautiful. sunset at PEI

Our final night at Prince Edward Island was spent at a musical venue. We bought tickets to a show featuring four artists. They were fantastic. If you are seeking some fresh, new music take a look at Fortunate Ones fortunate ones music at PEI and Braebach braebach music at PEI. Both combined unique instruments with strong vocals and composition for a high-energy set of songs.

We slept in the parking lot at the Visitors Information Center and awoke the next morning to cross the engineering feat of the Confederation Bridge. Back to New Brunswick with the van pointed towards the USA. We have a few things to see on the way there, but this brings to a close our chapters written from the furthest Northeast of this leg of our journey. Thanks for following along!

2 thoughts on “Prince Edward Island

  1. It really is a beautiful area. Perhaps a bit too much of the “Anne” tourist stuff going on, with raspberry sodas, green trimmed homes and mini-golf. But a beautiful place nonetheless.

  2. Huge Anne of Green Gables fan… Anne, Mirella, Diana… Especially Anne. Adding this to my bucket list.

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