The windy section of Baja-

Heading southward down the highway brought us to La Ventana. This is the windsurfing and kitesailing capital of Baja. And wow, what a crowd we saw. The RV parks were packed full of campers, RVs, tents and gear. The skyline was dotted with the flying wings of kitesailors and the water was filled with boards of all types. We were genuinely surprised and somewhat overwhelmed by the number of people there. So we drove a little further through town and picked up a hitchhiker. He said his name was Crusty, and mentioned that there was space where he was parked. We took a look at that beach (not too bad, but still quite a few people) and decided to push on past the pavement. We found the end of the road, and a great beach to camp on for two nights. overlooking campsite



It was an interesting location, as we could see the Baja Ferry pass by between our cove and the islandbaja ferry passing by




and many different things had washed up along the shoreline. washed up puffer fishwashed up brain coral

washed up marlin 2washed up marlin







Feeling silly I arranged some items in a collection and snapped a series of photos.collection1

collection 2collection 3

Then the puffer fish tried to get into the van puffer fish on windshield

Mango, Zeb and Seri took Mike on long walks walking up the wash walking up washup the washes on a walk and then took long naps on the beach.

zeb after a walk





When we left, we stopped at San Bartolo to enjoy a delicious lunch lunch stop and then settled in to a large, quiet RV park in Las Barriles with great trees and the sound of the ocean just past the rock boundary.   And again we have bumped in to our fellow travelers and . Always great to see familiar faces on the road.  But we are on to the remaining coves of the East Cape on the Sea of Cortez.  More to come…..

2 thoughts on “The windy section of Baja-

  1. For some reason your photos didn’t show up for me. Big blank spaces where there should be photos. However, I’m in Bahia Kino where the internet is at the end of the end of the bad line, and connection makes things odd at times.
    Not quite sure where you are. South of San Jose del Cabo or north? I don’t recognize the names, and in a state with one basic road, you’d think I’d remember!

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