Private beaches with million dollar views!

After Santa Rosalia we took a bumpy, sandy dirt road to a quiet beachfront area called Punta Chivato. punta chivato campWe settled on a level spot and looked around at the views. Wow! Behind us were multi-million dollar homes, most likely owned by wealthy Americans. These homes were upwards of 3,000 square feet and accessed by the same bumpy, sandy road OR by the adjoining dirt airstrip. Punta Chivato is considered a fly-in community. We saw families on the beach and a few Americans at the hotel bar, but most of the homes seemed to be empty. There is no electricity out here since Odile, and only a couple have solar set up. So here sits a community of giant homes on a beautiful bay with no services and difficult access. punta chivato panoramaSeemed like a great place to spend the night! So we did.  The view from bed at sunrise was amazing.  Punta Chivato view from bedOur morning dog walk was beautiful,punta chivato coffee walk but it was time for ice, laundry, fruit and a car wash to get the salt off the van from the salt tour.

Mulage was an interesting combination of weathered Americans and colonial Mexico. It is a small town, built on two sides of a river. Rio Mulage offers fresh water (agua dulce) as it meets the sea. But hurricane Odile did major damage to the riverfront roadway, utilities and homes of this town. Yet the center of town was still bustling. We did our own laundry at a facility with over 30 machine (rare in MX). We had the car washed by the 3 stooges and we found an overnight location in an oasis of flowers, fruits and palm trees. camp mulageBut the damage to the riverbanks made the beach access challenging, and Mike was ready to get on the SUP. So we were off to find a spot on Concepcion Bay in the morning.

We did not have to drive far to find our own private peace. We pulled off at the sign for Playa Armenta, but instead of going to the white, powdery sand area we stopped at a rocky, shell covered beach. playa armenta camp




It would be a great place to spend a few days. So on November 30 at 3:00 in the afternoon a shirtless Mike was stepping on to the stand-up paddle board (with Mango of course) and heading out to the calm waters. playa armenta 11 30 paddle





We spent three nights here, below the shadow of Highway 1 playa armenta just off highwayand gently buffeted by the breezes from Concepcion Bay.

The dogs enjoyed the walks playa armenta dog walkand searching through the driftwood for washed up fish-parts.   We enjoyed the privacy, peacefulness and opportunity to sit and stare at the waves for a few days!

Geneva on the SUP with Zeb and Mango as passengers.  We saw dolphins!
Geneva on the SUP with Zeb and Mango as passengers. We saw dolphins!

We paddled the SUP and tested the new kayak seat for it in our own little cove.

Mike and Seri on the paddle board.  Notice the ocean is like glass!
Mike and Seri on the paddle board. Notice the ocean is like glass!

We cooked yummy meals and spent long, lazy hours reading our books.  It was a great break from the road, and off the grid.

playa armenta panorama

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