Fat Amy goes to the beach

November 2021

With an awesome rig completed we were ready to grab some friends and head to a beach in Mexico with Fat Amy.   This gave us an opportunity to return to our favorite little Mexican town, Kino Bay.

We made an overnight stop in Magdalena. While there we visited the iconic church in the plaza.  This is reportedly the burial place of Padre Kino.  We also scored some yummy baked goods, and returned to some off-leash dog walking.

It was a brief trip, but we had an opportunity to enjoy delicious food with our friends.

The bay provided us a relaxing view of shrimp boats in the distance and the island closer to shore.

We have discussed Bahia de Kino or Kino Bay, many times before.  Here is a link to one of the previous posts. https://slowcarfasthouse.com/2017/04/04/the-journey-begins-again/

Fat Amy proved to be a big, thirsty girl that took care of all our needs.

We are in love.  Watch this page to see what our next adventures are.


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