May 2021

In the last post we told you about the wonderful times with family and visits to house/dog sit for our friends.  We also shared that issues were starting to show up with our USA RIG 2.0- RedRover and Lance.

We limped back to Prescott and go the truck fixed up enough to sell. Red Rover was just not up to the task.  We started shopping for a new truck to put under the Lance camper.  It didn’t take long to find the one we wanted.  Meet HiHo Silver.

Transferring the Lance camper to the Dodge truck was a simple process.  We had USA rig V 2.1 completed and ready to travel.

So we did!  We traveled around Arizona visiting more friends and family.  We camped in mountains and deserts and in peoples yards. We saw some amazing views and took these terrific photos!




We also took some time to work on the two Volkswagen bugs we had acquired while we were away.  We decided to keep the one that Geneva’s father had built, and sell the other one.  It was fun to work on an old, air-cooled vehicle again.

Spending time with friends added many special memories to our time in Arizona. We celebrated birthdays, hiked mountains, made special gifts for the grand babies and loved being with our people!

HiHoSilver and Lance took us to Queen Valley, Arizona to stay at a relatives house.  From the back deck we could watch one of the frightening, summer wildfires burning nearby.

We also had some wonderful visits with the grandchildren.  One of the projects we worked on was created a large busy-board for each household.  This piece of wood included a wide variety of hardware, latches, handles and gadgets for the kids to play with.  Visiting each family to present these special gifts meant a lot to us.

Walking, cooking, napping and spending special time with each of the grandchildren created memorable moments for grandpa and grandma in a variety of settings.


All of this driving, visiting, eating, playing, loving and enjoying was starting to wear us out.

Our next move included a trip to New Mexico for some more house/dog sitting and a few other surprises.


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