Road Trip USA- Part 2

March 2021

In the prior post we discussed our packing and early travels with Big Bertha.   We continued across the USA, on a trajectory to visit with family and friends.

Due to the size of Big Bertha, we found ourselves parked frequently at formal, paid campsites.  This was not our usual routine, and it was a little more challenging for the dogs.  Quiet hours, traffic, leashes and rules was cramping our style.  But we enjoyed the comforts of easy access to water, dump stations, electrical service and picnic tables!


One of our “rules of the road” is: always read the posters and fliers.   This particular poster was advertising a fundraiser breakfast.  The food was limitless and not too bad.  It was a win for Mike! And fun to support local groups as we travel through their towns and cities.



Driving Big Bertha over the continental divide was interesting.  She is a big, heavy, slow rig compared to our nimble camper in South America.  But she did it, and we all stopped for a rest and a dog walk at the top!

Our final photo was the iconic Monument Valley drive.  We knew we had finally returned to the familiar Southwestern USA when we saw this view.  Now what will do with ourselves while we take a break from the PanAmerican Journey?  Sign up to follow this blog and learn what happened next!

5 thoughts on “Road Trip USA- Part 2

  1. Glad to see your posts again. Could you make that header (the part with HOME, ABOUT US, etc) smaller? It takes up almost half the screen and doesn’t go away when I start scrolling down. Thanks.

  2. Enjoy your road trip across the U.S. So many beautiful places to see! We are camped on our favorite beach in Baja for the winter. If you feel like a side trip, come on down. Fewer rules here!

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