Colombian coastal exploration-

After picking up our truck/house from the port in Cartagena, and retrieving our stolen stairs from the neighborhood riff-raff we were ready to start exploring the country.  Our first direction would be NORTH!  We would work our way as far North in Colombia as we could stand.  This area is hot with bad roads and a virtually impassable border with Venezuela, but we would check out the beaches.

First thing we wanted to see was the Totumo Mud Bath.  This is a two-story,  volcanic fumarole that is filled with warm mud.  During our visit it was also filled with sweaty tourists bobbing in the mud, so we opted not to climb in to the human soup. Here is a link if you want to learn more about Tourista Souptotoaba mud bath.jpgtotoaba mud bath2.jpg

We drove a little further to the virtually unknown Agua Termales de Cordoba and enjoyed a soak in three clear water pools. Geneva tried on a mud facial.  Because this place is a lesser-known destination there were no tourists and we were able to camp overnight in the shady parking lot. geneva volcanic mud.jpg

Driving along the coast of Colombia took us past some very rough-looking fishing villages.  Thousands of people were trying to eek out a living in the briny swampland of the coastline.  village scenevillage scene scene 3pg

We passed by Tayrona National Park and pulled into the adjacent camping area.  This sandy, ocean-front campground would be a great way for us to enjoy the Caribe region while having electricity to run our air conditioner!   coastal campsite.jpgcoastal campsite1.jpgbeach camp views.jpgbeach camp.jpgmike filling water.jpgnica beach dog.jpgpelican pest.jpg

Nica enjoyed napping in the warm sand and frolicking with a rock.  Mike filled the water tanks and took a few long beach walks.  Geneva finished a book!   After a few beautiful sunsets and some warm, ocean-breezy days, we were ready to turn towards the mountains of Northern Colombia.  Enough of the hot coastline, lets head to the hills!   Next post will cover a few interesting stops in the Guajira region of Colombia. coastal sunset

2 thoughts on “Colombian coastal exploration-

  1. Hey- Thanks for following along. And I hope to remain unbiased. I even want to expose the fact that it is NOT always glamorous. And sorry about the images. I recently started loading them in a smaller version, perhaps that will help.

  2. Hi, Mike and Geneva,  your pictures aren’t loading for me at the house, but I  have been highly interested in your recent posts.   I am thinking that your commentary is the closest thing I have ever read to an unbiased view of central and South American country conditions.  Thanks!

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