Mexican mechanics did this to our truck!!

Our 2013 GMC is a 2500HD. Before we left the United States we completed some modifications to the truck to beef up the suspension. Airbags were added to help keep the load level. All four shocks were replaced, which helped with the porpoising or bouncing of the rig. A sway bar was installed on the rear axle to reduce the side-to-side movement of the truck. We also bought E-rated tires. These items really helped with the ride of the load.  tz camp

The one difference between our 2500HD and a 3500 is one additional leaf spring. This is something that Mike has wanted to add for a while, but time and money made us hesitate. While we were in Oaxaca City, we found both and got the work done.

Near the edge of the city is a shop named REMSAC. They were listed on iOverlander with good reviews from other travelers. We stopped by and talked to them about adding a new leaf spring. It was clear that many large trucks count on this shop to handle their suspension needs, as the lot was full. The appointment was set and a price of $200usd was set. The next day we arrived early and pulled the truck over the pit and slid it in with the big boys for the day. Then we took the dogs and headed out for a day in the city. leaf truck straddling the pit.JPGleaf in the stall .JPG leaftaking the dogs for the day.JPG

When we returned around 5:00 the leaf spring was done and the truck was ready to go. In one workday they had fabricated and installed a custom leaf spring on the suspension. The spring is in and the ride feels a little stiffer. But it also feels more stable. It is the one with the shiny edge in these photos.  The pair of leaf springs cost us just under $200usd.leaf spring new.jpgleaf springs .jpg leaf new leaf spring.JPG

The next day we had an appointment for brakes, fluids and a general check up at a different mechanic. This shop was very neatly organized organized shop.JPG and quickly four different men went to work on the truck. Two guys were in the engine compartment working on fluids. One guy was underneath the truck checking the front suspension components. Another guy was taking off the sand tracks and the rear wheels. guys at work.JPG We went for a walk around town for a couple of hours. When we returned they showed us their progress as they were waiting on a parts delivery. brakes .JPG They had turned the rotors and ordered new rear brakes. All fluids were drained and the air filter was cleaned. While we chatted, the parts delivery showed up from Auto Zone! And they all went back to work adding the fluids and filters and putting on the new rear brakes. big hub brakes.jpg About one hour later the truck was ready to go. We paid the bill ( just under $300usd ) and drove away in our refreshed rig.

As a reminder to the interested readers:

2013 GMC 2500 HD with airbags, sway bar, 17” wheels, new shocks, E-rated tires and now an extra leaf spring and new rear brakes!  And as a reminder, here is a link to the story of our unique frame/chassis mount system. (click here to open new window)

air bags, leaf springs sway bar.JPG

4 thoughts on “Mexican mechanics did this to our truck!!

  1. You’d pay that for parts almost anywhere else. That’s part of the reason I do almost all my own maintenance. I learn to do it now and I can buy the parts and do it in a day. Saves me thousands every year.

  2. Not only was it cheap, but it was reassuring. We feel better knowing that we can find good, reliable mechanics for the rig if we need them.

  3. Wow, $500 for all that work. Good deal, certainly would have cost more in the states. Love following your adventures. Thank you for the updates.

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