BC West and the Sunshine Coast -its a lobster and oatmeal lifestyle.

The Canadian west is a beautiful area. We could have spent much more time exploring this area, and staying parked on logging roads filled with ferny forests and babbling creeks. We found some great people and great locations as we rolled through. Then we toured up the Sunshine Coast before we ferried to Vancouver Island.

We made a stop at the town of Harrison, which includes a lake, resort and a public hot pool. The pool is filled with water from the thermal spring, and then chlorinated for use by the masses.  It was warm and relaxing and offered showers afterward! 2harrisonhotspringspublicpool We took a dip in the pool and then walked the lake with the dogs.  The dogs enjoyed snacking on the delicious treats left behind by the flocks of Canadian geese on the shores! 1canadian geese at harrison lake An art/music event was going on and we met some van owners who were vending there. 3 meeting new friend van owners in harrisonThen we headed for Sasquatch Provincial Park. The lake view was amazing, but we did not see Sasquatch. 1athe view from camp at sasquatch provincial park.JPG

On the drive towards our next driveway we stopped at a university farm tour and learned about cloning blueberries and using insects to control plant disease and other agricultural info. It was an interesting place, and the free ice cream was great!  3aUniversityfarmresearchcenter tour

Just outside of Vancouver is the driveway of the infamous Fern and Barry. 4parked at ferns house.jpgThey are the management behind the Facebook group – VW Westie Driveway Group – and they are really great people. We had a great visit with good food, dog walks and great chats.  We also got a few tips about our travel up the Sunshine Coast. 5vancouver driveway fern and barry.JPG

Leaving their home and crossing into Vancouver is a bit of a shock. The bridge is huge; the city is enormous (compared to all the wonderful small towns we have been through lately).7bridge to vancouver.jpg  8vancouver skyline.JPGWe passed through town and loaded onto the ferry across to the first leg of the Sunshine Coast. 21 ferry on sunshine coast

Gibson’s Landing is a cute town. We grabbed some geocaches and watched a sea otter frolic on a boat in the harbor (felt pity for the boat owner who will encounter the mess left behind- yes, otters do poop on boats!). We also found this cool public art. 9Gibsons seawalk .JPG Then we headed to meet Cheri at The Pond. This parking area is familiar to many VW owners and travelers. The pond area is beautiful, the hosts are kind and the outhouse is perfect. 10 the pond gibsons 11 outhouse at the pond Thanks for hosting us goes out to Cheri and the owners of the beautiful property!

Heading north up the Sunshine Coast took much beauty and us through many small towns. We stopped to walk the dogs at Trout Lake and grab a geocache.

22 trout lake dog walk .JPG
Action shot, Mango in mid-leap.  Geocaching at Trout Lake

We walked the trail to the Skookumchuck River.  A beautiful confluence of freshwater and saltwater that creates turbulence when the tide changes! But the trip through the ferny, mossy forest was the most amazing. 12 skookumchuck river trail.jpgWe grabbed another ferry to continue on the journey. We had been advised to check Dinner Rock as a campsite. This is a free, unserviced campground located right on the water in the forest.  It was a great, relaxing stop.

14 dinner rock camp.JPG
Dinner Rock campsite!
15 dinner rock camp view.JPG
Campsite at Dinner Rock. Its hard to see the forest for the trees!
16 dinner rock baño
A nice outhouse!

17 dogs giant driftwood.jpg19 seri giant driftwood.jpg

20 seri giant driftwood1.jpg
Seri- reclining on a huge piece of driftwood

The end of the Highway 101 is at Lund. This is a quirky, small town that serves tourists in the summer and keeps a handful of boats in the harbor.   We had a delicious lunch and snapped a photo of Mile Zero of Highway 101. 23 mile zero lund.jpg

24 mile zero lund1.jpg
Mango is excited to be at Mile Zero

As we turned back to grab the ferry off the coast, we picked up a hitchhiker. The man told us that he had lived there his entire life. He earned his living cutting trees, digging clams and gathering mushrooms, like so many others in this area. He called it a “lobster and oatmeal life” – this means that when the money is coming in, it is lobster. When times are lean, it is oatmeal. It is a lobster and oatmeal life.

After dropping him at the local pub (it must be lobster tonight) we lined up for the ferry to Vancouver Island.   First in line, and then into the underbelly of the ferry, we were headed to the island finally! Standing up on the sundeck was beautiful—- and the first real sun we saw during our time on the Sunshine Coast!

25 ferry line to vancouver island.jpg
We were there first!
26 ferry ride to vancouver island.jpg
Alta in the underbelly of a ferry
27 ferry to vancouver island.JPG
Panoramic view from the top of a BC Ferry

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6blogging in vancouver
The blogger at work! Or researching routes, stops and ferry info!


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  1. Great to see our little corner of the world featured in your blog. It was our pleasure to host you and hear your stories! Glad that your travels have gone well, and you have seen some lush and beautiful areas and met many interesting people and cool vans!

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