Fun with words and images!

One of the most wonderful aspects of travel to an English-speaking country is that we can generally understand what is being said to us and get around fairly well.  However, there are always a few words, phrases and images that have us chuckling.  The same words in the USA could have a different meaning, and sometimes that is just plain funny!  This collection of signage is intended to inform, amuse and entertain.  I certainly hope that nothing here causes offense, because it is not intended to offend anyone.  So take a look and have a little chuckle.  Those requiring some explanation have a caption underneath.  Enjoy!

be aware snakes.jpg
Conjunctions waste time.


bitey cheese.jpg
When cheese bites back!


energizer church.JPG

self responsibility.jpg
Your safety is our concern, but your responsibility??? Self-responsibility, what a concept.


Trolleys=shopping carts


tyres.jpgu turn bay.jpg

legs and breasts.jpgno squatting.jpgovertaking.jpg

pedestrian rights?.JPG
….. and if you don’t…..SPLAT!
free fruit1.jpg
Yes, genuinely FREE fruit for your kids!
free fruit2.jpg
Not sure it will stop the whining and begging, but it can’t hurt to try!

In Queensland there were several areas of straight, boring highway. The state had installed these signs as a series of trivia to help keep drivers from falling asleep!  Very clever.highway trivia2.jpghighway trivia2.jpghighway trivia 3.jpghighway trivia 1.jpg

And just in case you thought driving around Australia was not confusing….. this……

kept left right.jpg

2 thoughts on “Fun with words and images!

  1. Oh, I wanted to see these on Facebook so I could like and like several of them!!

    On 3/7/16, Its not a slow car, its a fast house!

  2. My favorite confusing road sign was one we encountered when driving in downtown Melbourne: “Right Turn From Left Lane Only”!!! We had to go around the block twice before getting in the correct lane for our right turn, and then got behind a car that had their turn signal on. We stayed right on their tail and successfully made our move!

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