Finished up Utah-


It has been a while since I posted an update.  I apologize for the delay. But I want to be sure you see some of the amazing things we saw as we passed through Utah.  baker sunset sky  It is a state of long highways, big sky and great hot springs.  We had a couple of relaxing nights at Baker Hot Springs (near Delta) baker hot springs mango baker hot springs seri   Mike hiked to the top of the hill near our campsite, and took this photo from there.  No drone required!  baker camp view from hilltop If you look closely you can see the steam rising from the tubs! We met some folks there who told us the tale of the nearby goat-tender who walks his goats around the desert each day.  He had a llama to help scare away the coyotes.  Apparently llamas are aggressive to threats, such as a coyote.  But, according to the story the llama got bored with the goats and wandered off.  It just lives in the desert around the hot springs!  We thought this whole thing sounded a little incredible.  But as we drove away the next day, check out what we spotted. baker llama baker llama 1 So apparently the tale of the wandering llama of Baker Springs is true!

We passed through Salt Lake City and stayed in the driveway of friends.  Of course, a tour around the city gave us a chance to wave to Moroni salt lake city moroni and see some bizarre artwork salt lake city strange art and then we were on to Meadow Hot Springs.  That one was a little disappointing, as it has become crowded, messy and the water is cooler than it was during our last visit.

Final stop in Utah was a visit with family!  We truly treasure the time to visit with this sis-in-law who has taken a great leap across the USA and into a new lifestyle.  Visiting with sis in law It was a great visit and we are happy to know she is enjoying her new place in the world!  But time was sneaking past us and we had places to go………

Across the next state line and closing in on our good ol’ home base of Clarkdale, Arizona.  One stop in the woods and we are back to where we started, just over a year ago……….

2 thoughts on “Finished up Utah-

  1. The llama is funny, and now I know I need to visit the hot springs some “weekend” that I have off.:-) I will be back down in AZ to visit you guys again soon.

  2. Thank you for including us in your sojourn. See you in queen valley where time has stood still.
    Love you both

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