Oregon- old friends, Vanagon, coastline and lava beds

Our visit to Oregon included an opportunity to reconnect with old friends.

old friends
Michelle and I have known each other for 45 years. Some of those years we were attending school together, other years we were continents apart. Yet each time we are together there is a friendship rekindled!

While we were with her, we explored the Oregon coast hiking to ocean oregon coastal cave mike and geneva We even  posed for a rare photo of the two of us together!

We driveway camped with friends in Portland and had some fun there, too.  Here is Mike working on a toilet and a sink (with dog helpers) mike working at sidneys house mikeworking at sidneys house 1  We attended some local farmers markets and food events and even spent a night at the dirt-track oval races at the races  We guerrilla camped in a busy 7-11 parking lot for one night without any disruption or hassles. night in parking lot1 And we were invited to a Portland Vanagon meet up event where we gave LOTS of tours of our van to the folks who showed up. giving a tour giving a tour 3 giving a tour 4 giving a tour in my office giving a tour with mango It was great to meet some friendly van and VW owners from Portland. We had donuts, conversation and shared modification ideas with each other.  I hope the group continues to meet for info-swaps and camaraderie! portland vanagon event 2 portland vanagon event 4 portland vanagon event6  As we left the West side of Oregon we discovered the beauty of the rugged, volcanic mountain areas.  Here is a photo of the Sisters (mountains) and Lava Beds area.  sisters mountains oregon lava bed oregon We spent our final Oregon night at a hot springs campground and had to pose for the requisite teepee photo- van teepee oregon We also made a pumpkin stop to celebrate October being the month that everything is better with pumpkin flavor!pumpkin stop

Please keep in touch with us as we move in towards our one year anniversary of full-time, van life, on the road! Help us celebrate this little victory and make plans for the next 6 months!



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5 thoughts on “Oregon- old friends, Vanagon, coastline and lava beds

  1. He really is quite handy with stuff. And totally unafraid to jump in and try to repair things, even if it means a bit of research and a few mistakes before it is working again! Love that.

  2. I met you in the 7-11 / Burgerville parking lot in Hillsboro. I spoke with you a couple of minutes before continuing onto lunch. I’ve following your blog since then. I hope some day in the future go on an adventure like this. So I am getting some good ideas from your experience.

  3. I think it’s great that you are meeting with all these like minded people on the road. I think so many people think the traditional lifestyle is the only one that they can see they are supposed to live, and can’t even imagine, or are too afraid to let their minds think of imagining, of doing something like you guys are doing. You guys are so inspiring to me. Love you both.

  4. Nice leg of the tour, here. I think Mike must have a fixer gene that the Myers side is short of. He seems able to tackle just about anything! I should modify my implied insult of the Myers half of me…Mom is killer on small machines like watches. 😉

    On 10/2/15, It’s not a slow car, it’s a fast house!

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