Final days in Canada-

Upon arrival in port (Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada) we disembarked the ferry and went to work. Geneva needed to do a resupply shopping trip. And Mike had communicated with a local VW guy who would work with him on a front bearing replacement task. These projects meant a few hours in Prince Rupert before tackling the highways going south. Thanks Walter, for helping with a bit of road maintenance. With those tasks done, we could be on our way to the US bordervan camp bc rear view The final days in Canada included some unique and wonderful stops. We passed through a part of BC that supported rich soil and thriving farms. organic roadside stand We noticed Farmers Markets were posted for many towns along our route. One of our stops was a bee business where we learned about hives, honey, mead and much more. It was a fascinating lesson for us. Bee Geneva

We had some fun wandering around a local Garlic Festival in New Denver. While we were there we visited with the folks from “Where’s My Office Now”  Wheres my office now  Corey was quite fond of Mango, it looks like it was mutual admiration. MAngo and Corey  While the guys looked over the vans and discussed modifications, Mango hung out in her office with Penny in the background MAngo office) Then Zeb took a turn in the office, too. Zeb office

Green forest of southern BCAs we passed through the province we camped in various locations in the woods of British Columbia. Van camp BC There are many logging roads that provide access to beautiful parts of the forest. BC Forest camping One of the best parts of camping in the forest (besides the fact that it is free) is that the dogs get to take Mike for a walk each morning! Seri in BC forest  The dogs really enjoy being off leash and hanging around camp Dogs running by van We even captured a rare photo of Geneva and all three dogs in one shot! Geneva and dogs in forest

In this part of BC there are lakes and rivers that are so large, the state operates ferries to complete the highway and transport the cars across. BC FERRY

We made stops at a few hot springs. Ainsworth Hot Springs And we spent some nights with more wonderful Volkswagen folks. Driveway Arendt IMG_5321 Driveway camping is great when the company is good!! Thanks Arendt and Keinan for hosting us on the way through.  We also had a quick welding repair made on the van…… all those forest roads had rattled loose a weld on the bumper chaos system.  (Thanks Keinan for the help) IMG_5319  Now we are ready to cross the border once again and continue on our way!  IMG_5307

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Keinen was an early sticker buyer at and we were thrilled to meet him finally. We didn’t even mind following his diesel Vanagon around town while we found a welder!

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  1. Nothing like a hot spring when the clouds are threatening! Don’t miss the Missoula flood paths in Montana…assuming you’re headed that way, too.

    On 9/16/15, It’s not a slow car, it’s a fast house!

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