Yoho National Park

The next stop on our exploration was Yoho National Park. (Yoho means “Oh my!” in a native language) Yoho big rivers big mountains  It is a land of big rivers and tall mountains.  This park is similar in scenery to Kootenay. But it has the seond highest waterfall in Canada,Yoho van at waterfall which Mike again enjoyed.  Yoho waterfall And a beautiful river that has a carved out a unique natural bridge through the shale.  Yoho natural bridge  Marble Canyon Kootenay  This park also adjoins Banff and Jasper and is seldom enjoyed by travelers.  Another gem in the Canadian Rockies.

We drove through Golden, BC and stopped at a farmers market for the most delicious pizza rolls, ever! These were shaped like cinnamon rolls, but had a filling of pizza sauce and mozzarella with a few pineapple bits in there and lots of garlic. Amazing! We also decided to purchase bear spray, as many of the hikes, campsites and info signs warned of the proximity of bears. It will be a good thing for Mike to have during his morning dog walks.

Waterfalls, raging rivers, pizza rolls and bear spray.  Yoho National Park.

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  1. That natural bridge is amazing. Like Watkins Glen and other gorges shaped by glacial runoff in the eastern and western US, shale rocks here!

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