Glacier National Park

This National Park is just slightly less crowded than Yellowstone. But with just one main road across, the humans are concentrated along that route. We did spot a few deer, a bighorn sheep and a bear cub as we passed through! GLACIER BEAR CUB GLACIER BEAR CUB 2

On the first night, we decided to spend the night in the nearby National Forest instead of the campsites in the park. We found a forest road just outside the park boundaries and camped alongside a creek. Mike helped prep dinner while the dogs looked at chipmunks and waded in the creek. CREEKSIDE NEAR GLACIER

There are two fires burning in the park at this time. One is being managed and one is being allowed to burn wild. This photo was taken at about 8pm and shows the glow and haze of the fire behind the mountain. GLACIER FIRE HAZE

The park offers stunning views of jagged, snowy, rocky peaks. But with the smoke from the fires, everything seemed blurry in the distance. GLACIER PEAK MOUNTAIN IN GLACIER

We camped inside the park on the second night. Dog bones make a good diversion when we are in crowded spaces. Here is a shot of Seri and Zeb sharing the yoga mat as they work on their dog-bones, oblivious to the smoky haze and crowded campground. DOGS WITH BONES AND BERRIES

Next up, the international border as we head NORTH TO ALASKA…

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