Rock and (corn) row

One of the joys of traveling in this style is that we have the freedom to seize an opportunity. When the Buffalo radio station told us that there were still tickets for the upcoming Rolling Stones concert, we seized some!  We camped in the RV lot, a rose among the thorns! rolling stones camp   It was a terrific, high-energy show with lights, sounds, fireworks and four old guys up on stage. rolling stones 3 rolling stones1 rolling stones2 We had a great time and possibly watched one of the final shows of the greatest rock and roll band, ever!

The next morning we dashed through Niagara Falls for a look at the beauty. The entire area has transitioned to a tourist trap, teeming with camera toting family units and stands, stores, shops and gimmicks designed to separate the visitor from their savings account. We snapped the requisite photos and moved on down the highway. niagara falls niagara falls1 niagara falls2 niagara falls3

Our nights in Ohio would be spent at Geneva State Park, of course. geneva state park 1 geneva state park ohio This was the nearest park to downtown Cleveland where we would check off a bucket-list item.   When Mike and I began discussing this USA loop, one of the “must sees” for me was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was the perfect follow up to the Rolling Stones show, with a generous serving of old and new rock music, photos, costumes and artifacts. I felt gratitude for the opportunity to see it. However, in the bigger world of music we agreed that the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale Arizona is grander and more informative in a broad sense. Both stops should be on the list of any music aficionado. rock and roll rock and roll bucket list checked off

Cruising through the cornfields of Ohio to Indiana towards Greensburg was filled with anticipation. Spending a couple of days with and old teacher friend and her beautiful daughters was to be a highlight of the summer. It was delightful to meet her family and see her iconic Midwest hometown. The magic of a small county fair in the cornfields was awesome. greensburg fair greensburg fair cornfields

Continuing across the Midwest into Illinois took us to Kankakee for a tour of the Bradley House. This well restored Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece was informative and beautiful. Learn more about this great designer here    And Geneva may have found a family history link to this particular home through the family name “Wilbur” noted in one of the information signs. frank lloyd wright bradley house frank lloyd wright bradley house 2 frank lloyd wright bradley house1

The heat wave rose to a crescendo of stickiness as we drove to Geneva, Illinois to visit friends. We couldn’t resist the invitation to sleep under the comfort of air conditioning in the basement. We learned a new card game (did you know that we LOVE playing games??) and spent quality time with a fine family. all smiles in Geneva illinoislooking at the van in Geneva

The drive continues, across the Midwest. Dodging the heat, staring out the windows at the cornfields and dairy farms. Stopping for geocaches and photo opportunities.

Remember the post about trying to pose dogs for a photo? Well, just like the good times in life……….sometimes it happens when you don’t try too hard. dog pose cleveland

4 thoughts on “Rock and (corn) row

  1. Terri- As a kid I always wanted the coffee mug, bracelet, t-shirt with my name on it; but these were never to be found. These stops allowed me to stock up!
    We leave for Alaska around August 10 from Montana area. Plans are flexible. Want to come along?

  2. We saw the Stones, not the Dead…. but both are living on borrowed time it seems! I have seen the Rolling Stones three times- and each time I am amazed at how energetic Mick can be.

  3. i love how you stayed at a campground with your name in it and then a town with your name in it! When do you head to Alaska??

    Agreed, Niagara Falls is a total tourist trap these days. I went on the maid of the mist once and there was so much, well, mist, that I could barely keep my eyes open. So you were smart to get moving right along.

  4. How fortunate to see the Dead as they are winding down their touring. I saw them just once, in 1980. WOW!!
    Enjoy the beauty of the Midwest. I came to love it when I lived there for seven years.

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