Saying goodbye to Northpoint- a note I sent to families, students, staff and others affiliated with the school!

Hello all:

I want to thank you for your incredible service and compassion over the years. Northpoint has become a beautiful and powerful entity in Prescott and I am thrilled to have been a part of this process for the past NINE years. What began as a wonderful idea, is now a place where responsibility for learning runs deep. I will be leaving with memories of success and failure that will remain with me as I enter into the phase of solitude and reflection in my life. I have enjoyed watching the students and staff make choices of self-discovery and manage the diversity and inclusion that Northpoint has made possible.

I started my teaching career in the Verde Valley schools. I also worked in Mexico, Costa Rica and other Arizona school districts. Opening and operating a high school had always been a dream of mine – and this reality has come to fruition at NELA. It is with mixed emotions that I close this chapter of my life and move on to the next one!
I will remain with the school in a consulting role through July, August and September. Then in October my husband and I are leaving the USA. As many of you are aware, we are going to go “overlanding” and travel the Pan-American Highway to South America. So, for the next few months you will see me around town and around NELA as I assist with a few more elements. Then you will have to follow our adventures online!

Beginning on July 1, Charles Mentken will take over the leadership of the school and the operational corporation. He will assume all decision making rights and responsibilities. He has been working closely with me throughout the semester to gain training and tips to help with this transition. Mr. Mentken has been with Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy since the planning stages also, and certainly knows the inner workings of this school. Many of you have worked with him

Please free free to share this note with any past parents, students and staff of Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy. There are so wonderful people that have contributed to this school and this philosophy. I wish to send my thanks to all of them. So pass this along!

Northpoint High School FCO alum

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