Exploring options as we pass the time…..


This weekend was beautiful weather in Arizona.  We left the house ready for showing this weekend and traveled to Scottsdale on Saturday.  The dogs hung out in Alta while Mike and I met a son and a girlfriend at the Musical Instrument Museum for a few hours.  Then we headed to Horseshoe Lake and the rougher areas of the Verde River.  We found a nice spot along the shore to camp, and spent the night there.  Our Blue Apron (www.blueapron.com) pasta was delicious by moonlight!  

Much of our discussion was centered on the options that lie before us.  We have created “profiles” on several exciting websites that may prove useful to our plans.  We are now officially listed on www.workaway.info and www.campinmygarden.com and www.mindmyhouse.com.  These could lead to destinations, cheap places to stay and interesting opportunities.  We have already been contacted by a farm in Canada!!  We have also been looking at what others are doing along the Pan American Highway.  There are Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/groups/panamtravelers/   and many different blogs from folks who are driving the highway and beyond ( http://wanderwagen.com, http://www.drivenachodrive.comhttp://www.vwvagabonds.com)  and so many more.  The information is helpful to us (dogs, crossings, costs, highlights) and also exciting to us as we draw nearer to our own departure.

So, we continue to explore our options as we pass the time.  Waiting.

2 thoughts on “Exploring options as we pass the time…..

  1. Geneva and Mike: I love what you are doing and will definitely following along so keep on writing!

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