Visiting with Vanagon owners in AZ

While we are parked at home base, we have had the opportunity to host a few different van-visitors!  This yard offers plenty of parking space, a small, well-equipped workshop, a fenced dog-yard and plenty of nearby tourist attractions.  If you are in the area of Clarkdale, Arizona….. let us know!      

257 days on the road!

We have been on the road for 257 days.  This map shows the route and a pin drop at each overnight location.  Using the program “pocket map” Mike is able to log our travels and write a passage about each days events.  This moving diary is a fun reflection on the places, events and people. … More 257 days on the road!

Giving away a bike.

Somehow we ended up with three bikes on board. Since the dogs refuse to ride a bike, we had one to get rid of. We have hauled it since Jacksonville looking for the right person to gift it to. Near Bowling Green Kentucky we noticed a man walking with a bag in his hands near … More Giving away a bike.