Alta the VW Vanagon is on the road!

Alta has now earned a name (tall in Spanish, a feminine word) and has developed her own personality (a little wobbly in the wind, prefers open spaces and high tree branches) and is ready to be packed up for many road trips. Camping near Lake Pleasant Arizona

Here are some photos of her road trips, since the makeover. She is a very busy gal!

Alta at Bill's Grill in PrescottAlta on Mingus Mountain, Jerome, ArizonaMike and Geneva and AltaBahia Kino, Sonora Mexico 2013From the inside looking out!Alta has a "full" dashboardAlta on the beach in Bahia KinoAlta modeling a quiltTypical VW Vanagon poseAlta stopped in Jerome for a burger

One response to “Alta the VW Vanagon is on the road!

  1. Hey you all. I hope your travels are well. I’m actually looking for some info on the swing away mount you have for the tire and box. We’re needing to upgrade from the G.Lee rack cause we can’t open the rear hatch without the removal of many-an-item.

    Any info would be sweet.

    Your friends in travel.
    Paul, Diana, Lief-ito

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