About us- Mike, Geneva and the dogs.

Mike and Geneva and Alta

In October 2014, Mike and Geneva Saint-Amour packed up Seri, Zeb and Mango (the dogs) into Alta (the van) — and  departed from Arizona to travel……. indefinitely.

Seri looking

Seri- the wise, old, Catahoula She left us in May ’17 in Hidalgo, MX.  Adios, Seri

Zeb long

Zeb- director of security.  Generally found sleeping on the job.


Mango- Chi/weenie left us in Nov. ’17 in Guatemala.

Alta is the Volkswagen, Vanagon, Westfalia, AdventureWagen, high top, Bostig conversion, tall, VW bus.  She has been through some changes and modifications.  All designed to make her a more reliable home for us.  See related blog posts to learn about some of her awesome modifications~

The Beast A GMC 2500HD 4×4 truck with a 2013 Northstar Arrow 8.5 camper and lots of custom features.  This is a chassis/frame mounted unit that has been upgraded in several ways.  See related blog posts to learn about some of the modifications we completed~

Destinations remain undetermined. Targets include points East, North, and then South…. far South. First, a loop of the USA with some Canada, too.  Then on to Latin and South America!  After that…….we will see where life takes us.


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One response to “About us- Mike, Geneva and the dogs.

  1. Are you ready for your epic road trip yet? Don’t you want to take some students with you? I just picture you flying down the highway tossing all your worldly possessions out the window and laughing hysterically. Good image 🙂


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