Toilet Paper-

You have excess in your household.  You are wasting paper (cardboard) every week.  You really do not need the center cardboard tube in a roll of toilet paper.  Yet, you throw away hundreds of them a year.  Check this out:


Looks like a typical roll of toilet paper, right?

1a typical roll.jpg


But wait! There is something strange here.  It is solid toilet paper, no cardboard tube.

2view from top of roll



Then with a little push, look what slides out of the middle of the roll of toilet paper!

3coming out of middle



Leaving a hole in the center, ready to slip over your toilet paper dispenser.

4what came out of the middle



And now a travel roll of toilet paper for your backpack!

5 ready to use two


If you are reading this from a country in which providing toilet paper in a public bathroom is the norm, this may not be so exciting.  But if you are in many countries of the world where toilet paper is a luxury item, this is thrilling.  With every roll of toilet paper we buy for use in the camper, we receive a small, portable roll to carry in to public restrooms.  And, we are not throwing away zillions of cardboard tubes.

Hey…… sometimes it is the little things in life that matter!


9 thoughts on “Toilet Paper-

  1. How many people have noticed that the newer TP rolls are the same height, but are narrower lately in USA

  2. Great idea for North American paper products companies, including large paper towel rolls………………..

  3. This makes too much sense and the TP companies would
    Lose money! This is awesome

  4. Hey that’s a great idea!! There is so much waste when it comes to cardboard rolls! We have bought toilet paper without a cardboard roll but never found any with and extra roll 🙂

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