How to Travel Internationally for the First Time (A guest post by Jack White)

(This is a special feature – a guest post by Jack White)

Traveling across your country with your partner, your dog, and your beloved truck camper? That’s amazing. You get to know your culture much better. You get to make friendships that last. You get to enjoy Nature at its finest.

Traveling abroad? That’s even better. You get to experience other cultures, which amaze you with differences and similarities. You learn foreign languages. You become a whole other person, with broader horizons and a bigger heart.

If you’ve never traveled internationally, however, the first time can be a bit tricky. Don’t worry; the obstacles won’t be that significant. You’ll only have to prepare better and set your expectations to realistic levels. Let’s go through few effective tips that will have a great experience with international travelling from the very first time.

  1. Get Your Documents Ready

First of all, you need your passports ready. “Well thank you, Captain Obvious,” I hear you say. It’s important to emphasize this, since many people wait until last minute before they get their passports. There’s a bit of a waiting procedure involved, so you want to apply for your document ASAP.

Just find the nearest passport acceptance facility and it will be easy to apply. You’ll need some documents, such as proof of citizenships and a photo ID. Plus, you’ll need to complete a simple form.

I know, I know. No one likes to run around public institutions, trying to get things done. However, it’s a small price to pay for the adventure you’re heading to.

The passport will be good for years, so you’ll soon forget about the inconvenience.

  1. Choose the Destination

You probably had an idea of the destination before you even applied for a passport. However, now is the time to specify it. What country? What city/town/village? What airport?

If you still have no idea where you want to travel, you’re lucky. There are so many destinations to explore! Here are few suggestions that will make the choice easier:

  • Go see the places where your ancestors came from. Connecting with your roots is an experience that words cannot describe.
  • Choose a place that allows you to rent a truck camper and see as much as possible of the area. It’s the least expensive and most convenient option. Public transport can be a real mess in some countries.
  • Go to a place that meets your standards of having fun. Do you want to surf? Skydive? Swim? Party? Ski? Hike? You can easily choose the destination based on your interests.
  • Choose a destination with an impressive food culture. Food is an important aspect of a travelling experience. The better it is, the more memorable this trip will be.
  • How much money do you have? Get informed on the living expenses in different countries, so you can pick a destination that won’t make you go broke for life.
  1. If Needed, Get the Visa

Do you need a visa? That’s an easy thing to check; just go through this official list that lists all countries along visa information. For example, you’ll need a visa for Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Thailand, Russia, and other popular tourist destinations. Most African countries require a visa, too.

Now, the process of getting a visa can be burdening. You’ll have to collect some documents and pay a fee. But you know this already: it’s a small sacrifice for the experience you’re going to get.

  1. Book the Ticket and Book Your Stay

Now, it’s time to find a cheap flight. You’ll find the most affordable option if you’re not set on precise dates. If, for example, you plan to travel in June, search for flights within a span of 10 days. The price of tickets is different on different days, so this gives you a chance to book the most attractive offer.

Once you know when you’ll be flying, it’s time to book the accommodation. Hotels are fancy, but let’s face it: they don’t give you the real experience. Couchsurfing and Airbnb, on the other hand, help you find a real home away from home.

Don’t forget: it’s always better when you travel around the place. You’ll just rent a camper and you’ll see as much as you want to see. You can make the camper your home; you just need to find an agency that will provide such a service in your chosen destination.

  1. Figure Out the Currency

If you don’t understand the currency of the country, it will be easy to spend more money than you intend to. Go on; ask me about the time when I bought different types of tea on a Turkish street market for $68!

Figure out the currency. Convert the prices, so you’ll have a precise idea of the amounts you pay.

  1. Enjoy and Write about It!  

Finally, the most important tip of all: enjoy your experience! See as much as possible. Eat and drink weird things! Connect with local people! Connect with Nature!

Find a way to remember this experience. Blogging is one of the best methods for that. If you don’t know how to turn your experiences into attractive blog posts, you can connect with a writer from an essay service at first. When you figure out how travel blogging works, it will become a highlight in your life.

This is the most important tip I can give you:


The world is too huge and too beautiful to leave it unexplored.

To learn more please contact the author Jack White.

Jack White had a dream to be a writer, but he also knew that it would take a lot of hard work. During the last years he made appearances in different of online media. He also writes in his personal twitter.



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