Backseat box OR the backseat goes to the dogs!

One of the custom features we had developed in the truck cab is the back seat storage box. When we sold the bed of the truck, we also sold the back seat.  (yes, there really was a person that wanted to buy our stock GMC rear seat!)  With the back seat removed, we could have the guys at AT Overland build a custom storage box for back there.



The storage box features two large drawers that can be pulled out when the trucks rear doors are open.  It also has a large, center section with a lift-up lid.  And the rear section is one long cabinet, accessed by two separate doors.  Each of doors/drawers can lock independently of the others.   The whole thing leaves room for the front seats to recline fully.  It also has a few small cubbyholes underneath for storage.

This entire set up was designed with the dogs in mind.  We installed two dog beds on top, and this box has become their platform to ride on.  They love the stadium seating.  They are elevated to see out of the windows when laying down.  When they sit up, they can easily hang their heads out the rear windows.   The cubbyhole under the cabinet is the perfect size for a bag of leashes and dog water bowl.  And the space between the seats and the box is perfect for the dog-ramp that they use to get up into the cab of the truck.


We also ordered custom-fit seat covers for the front seats.  Here is a before and after shot of the cab of the truck with the box and the seat covers.

seatcovers beforeseatcovers after

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8 thoughts on “Backseat box OR the backseat goes to the dogs!

  1. Sean- The pricing for these systems has a huge amount of variability. The biggest issue is that each one is custom made for the lumps, bumps, pipes, shapes of the space the boxes are fitting into. Also materials and hardware varies. The best bet would be to contact the awesome fellas at ATOverland in Prescott, Arizona. They are amazing. I would mention that the weight saved by composite is huge compared to using metal. And in the long run that is a savings in fuel and vehicle wear and tear. Happy travels.

  2. Looking at doing some kind of system like yours as far as bed and storage boxes. Just trying to get round about prices…..would you be willing to share? A break down between inside boxes and outside system would be nice. Thanks

  3. The future…. first we have to make sure this beast is ready for Latin and South America. (leaving in a week) Beyond the open-ended expedition, we figure it would sell to like-minded travelers. Many people buy/sell at both ends of the Pan-American Highway.
    As far as value….. I am sure you know that you NEVER recoup what you invested when you sell a custom rig. We have a lot of features that would increase the $ale value$ to overlanders. But for now it is about the journey for us!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you are reading our posts and writing your comments! Thank you!

  4. So many customizations done thus far. Pretty cool how you have made it “yours”. Have you ever thought about the future when it might be time to update or get something different? I assume you are not worried about resale value. No matter what, I like what you have done!

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