Beginning to roll, again.

With my mothers house sold and all our belongings distributed again, we were ready to roll.  It seems that it was harder to get rid of it all the second time around.  But it’s gone and we are ready to go.   We began with stops to see the kids.  And we spent some time pondering where we have been in the past three years! camp middle son   It is crazy to think that one of Mike’s first blog posts came out when we were leaving our comfort zone the last time.  To reread Mike’s post here and learn what he was thinking about as we were letting go!  It was August of 2014 and we thought we were leaving the USA.  But as we began to travel slowly we realized there were many places in North America that we needed to go see.  So we did!  Map loop of North America by slowcarfasthouse

From Arizona to Florida. From the East Coast to Nova Scotia.  Across the Northern USA and in to Canada.  Through British Columbia and the Yukon to Alaska.  And then back towards Arizona. Whew, it was a great journey!  And now we feel that we are really ready to head to South America.

There are a few things we need to finish still.  Getting work done quickly just hasn’t worked out for us, so we will stall a little longer as we finish up a few things.  We will also take a few test runs and make some modifications.

After visits with the sons, we headed to Hot Well Dunes BLM Recreation Area.  This is a place we visited in the VW van when we kicked off our trip.  ( read about that trip here– a new screen will open )  It is a good place to test the boon docking limits of the rig. camp near hot well dunes1 We arrived after dark and found a temporary spot.  But in the morning we moved to a flatter location and set up camp.  camp hot well dunes.JPG We had a great deal of sandy real estate around us.  And a short walk to the hot tubs!  We used the solar, the water, the propane, the awning, the storage boxes.  We even set out the new ground cover and chairs.  Things were working well.  camp hot well dunes1.JPG We stayed four days, and then went into the nearest town to play bingo and get a few groceries.  Then back to our campsite for a few more nights.  At just $3.00 per night, with nearby hot tubs, it was a great place to relax and get into the groove of boondocking again. We added a new flag to the front of the truck.  This will help us navigate low hanging trees and obstructions.  The flag is demountable, but  when in place it is exactly the height of the camper. added a flag The dogs became comfortable with their placement in the back of the truck.  Sleeping while we drive and exploring when we are stopped quickly became their routine again.  IMG_1173

Our next campsite was near Tucson.  We found a great spot at the Colossal Cave Park.  They have just a few campsites, mostly requiring wash crossings and high clearance.

We tackled it with no issues and found a terrific campsite.  We went geocaching at an old CCC site and walked a short stretch of the Arizona Trail.  dogs geocaching ccc camp This turned out to be a great little test run and we were ready to cross our first border with this new rig.

10 thoughts on “Beginning to roll, again.

  1. Thanks Douglas. We have found that we no longer use the flag system outside the USA. It attracts unwanted attention. But it worked well while we were in the USA. I appreciate your comment and perhaps other can benefit from this info.

  2. Mary- We would love to come visit. Loreto was one of our favorite cities in Baja! How about loading up and meeting us on the mainland?

  3. Been following you for a couple of years. Love your new rig. We are truck campers as well but you have a smaller beefer rig. Safe travels stop and see us in Loreto. We are friends with Mike and Connie from Cottonwood.

  4. We used to geocache as Cactus Clan but we switched to Slowcarfasthouse. Perhaps we have grabbed some of the same caches! Thanks for writing. Keep following the fun.

  5. John- Thanks for writing. We have the paperwork in order. And the Spanish is workable. But we will likely take some training in Mexico to brush up a bit. Keep watching for the fun!

  6. Nice, really nice. Great to see you out using the camper. Geocaching? Now you are talking. My handle is the same as what I am known elsewhere…the tc life. We love to geocache. Although our numbers slowed down last year we were still very active. We just went for more remote, hike all day to find one cache kind of deals.

  7. Looks like a great adventure being planned. Equipment looks great…….insurances and documentation ????……hope your Spanish is up to par…….the rest will look after itself.

    Godspeed !


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