Who is AT Overland?

This name has been mentioned in our blog a few times.  Some of you have asked who they are, where they are and what they do.  A few of our readers have told us that they have been to AT Overland for products or called in with questions. On their website  AT Overland says this-  “Adventure Trailers / AT Overland is one of the few companies in North America offering a comprehensive Overland fitment center, retailing, and manufacturing, all under one roof.   AT started out as a trailer manufacturer over ten years ago. At the urging of our customers we diversified into working on outfitting vehicles, and manufacturing accessories that were not available to the fledgling Overland community in North America.   Over the years AT has developed into a well-rounded Overland company offering off-road trailers, vehicle modifications, camper shells, vehicles accessories, storage solutions, roof tents, vehicle services and a myriad of accessories.”  

When we began outfitting the VW Vanagon (list of van modifications) for our travels around North America, we turned to the folks  at AT Overland.  (we got a few items from AT Overland)  Through their location in Prescott, Arizona,  we shopped for the best fitment of an awning, refrigerator, solar charging system, spare propane mount and a few accessories.  They also helped us design and install a custom made, oversized water tank.  These items quickly became some of the most oft-used items on our VW van.

The minion propane tank rides in an AT Overland bracket.
The Fiamma awning was ordered through AT Overland and installed quickly at their Prescott, AZ location.
The first look at the foldable solar panel ordered through AT Overland.

While all of the van modifications helped make it amazing……. if we totaled up the hours of usage of each mod, the refrigerator would win!  This post explains the fridge (Vanagon refrigerator) in detail.  Folks who drive a VW Vanagon may be interested in this info.  We love the efficiency and reliability of the Engel, and ordered another one through AT Overland  for the new camper rig!  between-seats-top-view

In addition to helping us outfit the VW Vanagon, the crew at AT Overland offers some pretty great products!  They began with those awesome trailers that have rugged suspension, oodles of storage and incredible versatility.  And they can install nearly any custom modification product or system you can dream of.  During our time at their shop we saw them repair suspension, install solar charging systems and service a variety of adventure rigs and overland travel units.  They also sell Four Wheel Campers and offer custom installation and fitment of those campers on customer trucks.  If you have ideas for your rig, they can help make it happen for you!

Their latest product is the Habitat (click these BLUE links to open a new window and check it out).  This offers the versatility of a camper shell with a roof top tent style sleeping plan.  More photos are available here and a video here

While we were having the custom work done on our new camper, we were able to capture a few sneak previews of the fabrication and assembly process at their shop in Prescott, AZ. img_0507 img_0510 img_0509 These units are going to be incredible!  But we will stick with our GMC/Northstar camper rig and the wonderful VW that we currently have.  We are thankful for the friendship, service and quality that we have found with AT Overland as we built out our two adventure rigs.  IMG_0508.JPG

Keep watching our blog for more details about the modifications, accessories and systems that were installed on the recent custom build of our GMC truck with Northstar Arrow camper.  Details still ahead……..

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