A glimpse- photos only!

Here is a glimpse of the inside and outside of the camper.  The only modification that has been done in these photos is the removal of the range hood and the installation of the new bed frame and mattress.  These photos will be used later for the before and after shots of the changes.drivers side view before.JPGpassenger side view before.JPGback view camper before.JPGfront view before.JPGlooking in back door before.JPGkitchen area before.JPGbed area before.JPGbathroom before.JPG

12 thoughts on “A glimpse- photos only!

  1. Thanks Terri! I think it is legal for the dogs to ride back there. But we are building a custom box in the back seat for them! Oh the things we do for our dogs!

  2. Your gonna love it have had similar set up for 15 years. Have not seen if you have a table. We take our out give much more room since we eat out of bowls mostly and don’t need one for a computer. Been following your blog for over a year. Easy to hit back roads with this set up. Happy trails! We’re in Loreto if you ever want to visit. Mary and Warren

  3. It is a damn fine looking camper!!! I take it the mattress in it when you got it was the original one? I can’t wait to see what Mike does to it. 🙂 Btw, is it legal when you guys are driving to have the dogs in the camper part since you have that pass through window? I always wondered about that.

  4. Wow wee, looks like the White Palace with all that room and the big bed. I’m sure the dogs will love it too .
    Happy trails !
    vic …Lil Jean’s classmate in IL.
    Joy ….Jeans good friend

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