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The rear hatch window serves little purpose while driving. The post elsewhere on this website called “The chaos of the rear bumper” explains the items that are mounted on the back of the van. With the bikes, boxes and paddleboard back there, the driver cannot use the center mirror. We have also noticed that a great deal of heat and cold comes through that rear door. So we chose to insulate it heavily, and paint over the glass. painting back window1-.jpg We first applied a layer of black paint, then a layer of colormatch paint to the outside of the glass. painting back window-.JPG

From the inside; the rear hatch window is covered with two layers of insulation and some thin wood. The wood has been cut to fit and painted. It is mounted with the same, bent L-brackets that are used on the pegboards.  (described elsewhere in this blog) covered back window1-.jpg The custom art is mounted with long strips of Velcro! It is a special gift from Geneva’s mom. The lower half of the door was stuffed full of standard insulation. We have noticed a huge difference in the temperature while leaning against that door, reading in bed.

covered back window-.jpg

This modification works well as full-time van dwellers.  It reduces the temperature loss through glass and increases security and privacy.  With the paint on the outside of the glass, the amount of condensation inside is also greatly reduced.  We hope this tip is helpful to other van dwellers!

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  1. Because we wanted the true black out and the additional insulation. Thanks for looking.

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