Modifying and painting inside our van-

The sleeping area of our VW Vanagon has been modified to suit our needs. Through insulation, pegboard, L-brackets, paint and baskets we have made this area more functional, temperate and private.  These are excellent solutions for anyone that is living full time in a van or vehicle.

We often find ourselves in extreme temperatures. We realized that a great deal of hot/cold transfers through the windows. We also like the ability to guerilla-camp or be inside our van in a public area, without being publicly visible. The closing of the windows has allowed us better management of this.  These modifications have also reduced the condensation that accumulates when we are inside of a closed-up van.

The back of the van has two side windows in the rear section. The glass in of these has been painted with black primer and colormatch. This photo shows the side window painted in colormatch. -painted side window.jpeg  The inside of these windows has been sealed off with two layers of mylar bubble insulation from the hardware store. The sheets are cut to fit the window and spray glued onto the glass.   The final layer is a sheet of pegboard cut to fit inside the window frame. In this photo the pegboard is painted dark brown. -pegboard and insulation copy.jpeg Then baskets were hung from the pegboard and filled with van junk. -before pegboard.JPG But it was quickly noted that a lighter color would look better, so the pegboard was painted with a color to match the original cabinets. -sidewindowclosed up.JPG and side window closed up pegboard) Artwork was spray glued onto the pegboard. -Side window storage.JPG

Once the pegboard was painted to match it became obvious that the surrounding vinyl looked dirty, dingy and aged. -before painted.jpg We had enamel paint tinted to match the original cabinets. This was applied directly to the factory vinyl. -painting, noticecontrastcolor.JPG Throughout the entire rear of the van this paint was applied. The difference was amazing! -painting the vinyl1.JPG -painting the vinyl.JPGpaintedvsunpaintedvinyl.JPG- paintinginterior.jpg- painting interior1.jpg

While this process may not be pleasing to all van owners, it works for us. Not everyone wants the entire sleeping area enclosed. Not everyone wants to splash paint around inside their van. But for our use of this VW Vanagon, this is an attractive and functional solution to our needs.

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  1. I really like the pegboard and painting it. Great use of space to organize things. 🙂


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