Window screens by Skeeter Beater- bug control!

During the year and a half we completed a 32,000 mile road trip.  We passed through all different climates and regions.  We experienced cold and we experienced heat. Map loop of North America by slowcarfasthouse  And we experienced BUGS!!! We learned that we needed more screens! Especially when we want to leave the van windows open for circulation and cooling.   We have screens that snap in place in the large slider door opening and we have the screen for the rear hatch opening. But we did not have a solution from the front doors. And the screens that belong on the sliding back windows are gone.

So with a little research we found Skeeter Beaters. skeeter beater pouch  These are available in a variety of general sizes. Each pouch holds two screens. We ordered a total of four screens. The screens are soft fabric screen that can be folded, rolled or stuffed into the storage pouch. skeeter beater soft screen

The magnets are sewn solidly into the hem around the edge of the screens. They attach securely to the metal door. skeeter beater side view  A strong wind will not remove them (tested that already). But a dog nose could push them out easily (tested that too).

The Skeeter Beater screens come in a couple of different colors, but we went with camo because it would offer a bit of privacy screen. From the inside you can see out of the screen easily. skeeter beater from inside  Well, more easily with eyeballs than with the lens of a camera!   But from the outside you cannot see in very easilyskeeter beater from outside Of course, that depends on where the light is….. with an interior light on- this could look like a shadow dancing studio!

For the side window above the stove I simply folded the screen in half. It attached firmly to the metal and has provided enough screen to discourage entry of bugs. But because it cannot attach to the glass, there is an entry point. I may put a strip of painters tape along that edge next time.  On the slider door, I wrapped it around the edge and found that the magnets could grip each other right through the glass! It worked perfectly.

We are not sponsored by this company. We did not receive anything for this review. I simply thought other van owners, dwellers and travelers would be interested as bug control is a common necessity.

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Happy travels

2 thoughts on “Window screens by Skeeter Beater- bug control!

  1. Good information! – Interesting AND useful 🙂 Thanks for continuing to educate those of us who are still new to RV-ing. -Mary and Fran

  2. We bought these for our Sprinter-Westfalia camper van, but had them blow out in even moderate winds. Maybe they are using stronger magnets now.

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