Closet door spice rack

There are several vendors that work magic with VW Vanagons. Rhino Design Studio is one of them! They have developed several cabinetry solutions. We have utilized two of them. Here is a direct link to their website Rhino design studio link

We love our center console that fits right around the shift lever. console box.JPG It has two cup-holders that are perfectly placed to clear the shaft. It also has a drawer that manages to hold more stuff than we anticipated. center console drawer.jpg  We did notice that the whole console would move around a little bit with some of our crazy driving. This caused a shifting issue. So Mike found some “L” brackets at the hardware store and bent them to fit. Then he drilled the floor (right through the rubber mats) and the cabinet (short screws to clear the drawer). This solved the problem. center console.jpg The little brass frog is a memory from Geneva’s parents. It represents her nickname as a young child- Toad. This little guy is along for the ride. console brass frog.jpg


The other product from Rhino Design Studio that we are learning to enjoy is the closet spice rack. This item required us to ship away our original closet door. Removing it is easy; simply lift it up off the hinges. closet shelf door.JPGThe hardest part was finding a box to ship it in! boxing closet door to ship.JPG We were impressed with the quality of the modification when it was returned to us. It arrived with a salt/pepper shaker and a toothpick holder (nice goodies, but unnecessary). We slid it into place and quickly filled it up. It is called a spice rack, but since we have other places for spices we use it for lotions, bug spray and more. Handy and organized! This product has required no modification. closet door in use.jpg Closet door in place.JPG

Two great items by Rhino Design Studio. Check out their website for these and other options. This is NOT a paid advertisement. I was not offered any products, discounts or other considerations for preparing this review. I do not work for them and was not sponsored by them in any way. I simply wanted to share information with others.

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