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Geneva saying goodbyeLocal newspaper story

Click on the underlined “local newspaper story” to open the article that was published in the Prescott Daily Courier. It is always fun to read about yourself in the local paper.  And the subsequent comments!  Enjoy.


I have had some fun with the comments.  Most have made me feel very good about the work I did with Northpoint.  But to the guy who thinks I am retiring “on the backs of others”, let’s be clear.  I am NOT taking my state retirement income for another 6 to 8 years.  I am NOT taking another job and double-dipping the system.  I am not going on welfare, medical aid or any other assistance program.  We have saved money, made wise investments and made plans to leave the USA so we can afford to do this.  We will live on Mike’s retirement with comfort while NOT in the USA.  But I wish they guy/gal had posted a name, so I could ask for a handout when I get hungry, destitute, needy, etc.  Until then…. please laugh at the irony along with me.  And enjoy the photo below of my first day of “retirement”.


The first day of my retirement!
The first day of my retirement!



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  1. You two are so adventurous and I appreciate you sharing that. I enjoy living the adventurer through your pictures and stories. Thank You for sharing……

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