Vehicle preparations- ongoing

For the followers that are gear heads and VW junkies, you will enjoy these posts.  For those followers waiting for a travel blog- be patient please!  The steps necessary to prepare for a trip like this are critical elements of our remaining time.  I will keep some fun photos, events and updates coming.  Your comments are welcome.


Mike working on new springs

After a bit of research, we decided to install new springs on the front and rear.


Old springs out, new springs in.

New springs vs old springs.  A different feel on the highway and dirt roads.



Alta is getting some work.

Mike is working  on Alta at the shop in Clarkdale (formerly BB’s Project VW)



Mango going for a test run

After the springs are installed, Mango and Zeb head out for a test drive.  She is a great co-pilot!  But the brakes still need work.

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